A Note from Lucy







This year I made a career change and joined our beloved Tula Spa as a Massage Therapist. I knew in my heart immediately that this was the place I would belong and this is the career I can find fulfillment in.

Genuine is the word that I’ve come to associate with my place of work! As a client you should know (and have noticed) that we are entirely focused on you during your visit. The pride we take in being wholly present for each service is unique. We personalize each visit, even if you see us regularly, to match your current needs. Our treatments are honest, holistic, and we only use the best organic products for your skin. We are passionate about taking care of our own bodies inside and out. Amy and Carisa lead gloriously by example, wouldn’t you agree?

I would love to encourage our new and long term clients to try something new! The Warm Cocoon Massage and Chakra Balancing Facial are one of a kind. These Tula Spa exclusive treatments are perfect for wiping the slate clean for a fabulous 2016!

Be well,