Breanne’s Winter Tips







Now that the cold and snowy weather is here, many people who are typically active, shut the door and hibernate. We hang up our bikes and kayaks, throw our sneakers in the closet, and toss our golf clubs, tennis racquets and baseball bats in the shed. That first day of spring weather that melts the snow seems so far off into the future. You may even let your self-care routine get stuffed away as well. The majority of my clients for the past 3 1/2 years have been athletes ranging from amateur to professional, seeking massage either for preventative maintenance or corrective therapy after an injury. This has caused some people in the past who know me to ask, “do you stay busy in the winter?” I always chuckle a little, because I actually seem to be busier in the cold weather months. Not only are there still indoor sports being played, but I also get an influx of what I endearingly refer to as “my shovelers.” Also, people who suffer from arthritis and chronic pain are hit hard by the colder weather. Let’s not forget our fallen brethren, the “ice trippers.” One false move on an icy patch of ground, and they find themselves laid up the next day or two from a strained muscle, or worse!

I want to take a moment to remind you all to take care of yourselves this winter. Pay attention to your body, whether you’re staying active, clearing the driveway, awkwardly carrying too many presents while shopping, or hunched up in the fetal position because you didn’t have time to warm your car up before work. Massage therapy, especially Deep Tissue, is essential in helping our muscles recover and prevent further issues.

Need more motivation? Read this article from Health Fitness Magazine…’s science :)

– Breanne