Love that Dry Skin!


There are numerous reasons for having seasonally dry skin. The number one reason being 
cold air. Cold air holds less water, so as the air begins to get colder the water in the air 
evaporates, thus creating less moisture for our skin to soak up.

To add to that issue, when we go from the chilly outdoors to the warmer indoors 
(where the cold dry air is warmed by a heating system), the warm, dry air sucks 
the water out of our skin like a leech. Eeek!
Naturally, your skin has a balance of oil production. When the cold weather comes 
along, your pores close up really tight, and when it gets warm again your skin simply cannot 
catch up fast enough. 
All of this back-and-forth can create an absence of the new oils that your skin 
so desperately needs, and in return leaves the skin dry and confused.

What can you do to prevent dry skin during winter?

1. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!
2. Drink lots of water (very important!)
3. Don't rule out a humidifier... especially in Minnesnowta
4. Keep some travel size organic lotion in your purse
5. Don't shower in super hot water (I totally struggle with this one)
6. Brush your lips with your toothbrush to get rid of excess skin or come in and try out our 
NEW Lip Polish Add-On!
7. Make sure you are using a hydrating, organic eye cream to assist the delicate eye skin 
- We have the perfect one for you :)
8. Never forget your lip moisturizer (we sell a great organic balm that everyone loves)
9. This is probably the BEST - Don't shave your legs as often!
10. Dawn Lorraine's Black Current Hydra Cream is a life saver during the winter if you are 
SUPER dry, but we also have other options based on your specific needs!

Stay Moisturized,